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My Blog now reverted to Blogspot. I have my reasons. WordPress is by far an awesome bloghost.



Readers & Visitors

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Sorry to all my visitors and readers. My blog is unlikely to update because am going for a better and more resourceful blog.

Final words, This blog will still remain until furthur notice.

Gearing Up for Android Anyone?

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A few hours ago, Google released the Android 0.9 SDK r1 Beta. Version 0.9 is released hell a lot sooner than we think. (Loving it)

Enough of all this, here’s the SDK emulator video for you all.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

History of the Olympic Torch

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It’s not about tech and all but what the heck? We’re all into Olympic fever right? We sure do. So lets have some flashbacks on the history of Olympic Torches that span from 1988’s Seoul Olympic to 2008’s Beijing Olympic. The design over the years has change much from old mace-like fire stick to slim slender rod. For this year, Lenovo has designed the elegant red scroll.

Dubbed “Hologram” Obscura Digital Projects Multi-touch

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It’s rather complicated to how they made up this data manipulation demo. It combines their proprietary multi-touch software with Musion’s Eyeliner 3D holographic projection system and many more combinations of technologies. For your info, holographic Gorillaz effect during the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards are what Musion have come up with.

Cracking White iPhone 3G’s

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From a number of reports, it seems that there are many cases of iPhone 3G’s especially white ones developing minute scratches or cracks. It is unsure whether these cracks are more apparent in the white version rather than the black. From this, it is very clear that if this defect effects all iPhone 3g’s, then Apple might just have to brace themselves with a major dilemma.

Courtesy [MacRumors & Nowhereelse]

Your Ultimate Gadget Cleaner: Cyber Clean

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Why is this product so greater than other gadget cleaning products? It looks like a toy with yellow and putty-like sticky blob. Looks might be deceiving because Swiss-made Cyber Clean disinfects and picks up debris by squishing  in between keyboard keys and phone buttons and all other sorts of devices.

The site also claims that keyboards harbor large amounts of germs, food, dead skin cells and waste that can harm users.

Not only that, Cyber Clean is bio-degradable and lemon scented.

Want one? Buy it at Expert Verdict

Site: [Cyber Clean]